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Bio-Lab Informatics Server (BLIS)
A Web-Based Data Management System for Immunologic Research
Sensitivity Analysis - R code
Importance Measures using analytic variance-based method in the context of global sensitivity analysis using MASAL and MARS models
MathStat - C, C++ codes
MathStat is a comprehensive and general numerical algorithm package implemented mainly in C and C++. This project attends to covering up-to-date algorithms for scientific computing and data analysis. Lapack and Boost etc. are also incorporated.
Statistical Processing of Data from ELISpot Limiting Dilution Assay - R package & GenePattern module
Limiting Dilution Assay statistical processing for ELISpot data is based on Poisson approach. Users input experiment data and get processed data with plots for both experiment and processed data. It can handle generic data files and specific BLIS data files which are exported from BLIS database. References Yang, H., Topham, D., Holden-Wiltse, J. and Wu, H. Statistical Estimation & Inference of Cell Counts from ELISPOT Limiting Dilution Assays. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. Accepted.
Heatmapping Program in Mathematica
Gene expression heatmapping program. Need to have Mathematica to run.
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