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2006 Biodefense Immune Modeling Symposium

Biodefense Immune Modeling Symposium

June 22-23, 2006

Final Program

Day 1— Thursday June 22


7:30 –  8:30 AM  Continental  Breakfast

7:30 AM – 5:30 PM Symposium Registration


Plenary Session

   Chair:  Martin Zand, MD, PhD


8:30 AM            Welcome

                        Hulin Wu, PhD


9:00 AM            The Influenza Threat and Response

                        John Treanor, MD          


9:45  AM           Break


The Biology of Influenza Virus

    Chair:  Brian Ward, PhD


10:00 AM           Overview:  Immune Response to Influenza

                        David Topham, PhD


10:30 AM           Molecular Biology of the Influenza Virus

                        Richard Webby, PhD


11:00 AM            Round Table:  Weaponized Influenza


12:00 PM            Box Lunch


Mathematical Modeling of Viral Biology and Immunity

   Chair:  Hulin Wu, PhD


1:30 PM             Modeling Viral Infections

                        Alan S. Perelson, PhD


2:15 PM             Statistical Methods and Biocomputing Tools    for       Immune Response to Viral Infection

                        Hulin Wu, PhD


2:45 PM             Noisy Induction of Interferon Beta Gene

                        James Wetmur, PhD


3:15 PM             A System Identification Approach for Modeling Immunity

                          Shlomo Ta’asan, PhD


3:45 PM             Break


Advanced Topic Session

   Chair:  Martin Zand, MD, PhD


4:00 PM             Parameter Modeling:   Viral Replication

                        Moderators:  Brian Ward, PhD

                                                 Alan Perelson, PhD

                        Parameter Modeling:  Immune Responses

                        Moderators:   Tim Mosmann, PhD

                                                  Hulin Wu, PhD


5:00 PM          Gala  Reception and Poster Session


6:30 PM          Dinner


Day 2— Friday June 23


7:00 –  8:00 AM Continental Breakfast

7:00 AM – Noon Symposium Registration


Plenary Session

     Chairs:  Martin Zand, MD, PhD and Xia Jin, MD, PhD


8:00  AM           Welcome

                        Martin Zand, MD, PhD


8:15  AM        T Cell Immune Responses to Influenza

                         Susan Swain, PhD


8:45  AM        T Cell Immune Responses: Cytokine                Influences on Burst Size Kinetics

                          Xia Jin, MD, PhD


9:15  AM            Dendritic Cells and Control of T Cell Immunity

                        Penelope Morel, MD


9:45  AM           Break


10:15 AM            B Cell Immune Responses to Influenza

                        Martin Zand, MD, PhD


10:45 AM        Influenza Vaccination

                        Ted Ross, PhD


11:15 AM        Break


Morning Advanced Topic Session

     Chairs:  Martin Zand, MD, PhD and Hulin Wu, PhD


11:30 AM            Counter-Bioterrorism:  What to Model and How to Model It?

                                                Richard Webby, PhD

                                                Martin Zand, MD, PhD

                                                David Topham, PhD

                                                Penelope Morel, PhD

Tim Mosmann, PhD

                                                Hulin Wu, PhD

                                                Alan Perelson, PhD

                                                Shlomo Ta’asan, PhD


12:30 PM            Box Lunch


Afternoon Plenary

     Chair:  David Topham, PhD


1:30 PM             Structure-Function and CD8 Influenza

                        Peter Doherty, PhD


2:30 PM             CD4 T Cells: ThPP and Beyond

                        Tim Mosmann, PhD


3:15 PM             Closing Remarks

                        Hulin Wu, PhD


4:00 PM             Conference End





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