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Biostatistics for Immnologists (Biostat Conf Rm (MRBX G-11213), from 2007-12-12 02:00 PM to 2007-12-12 04:00 PM)
Gregory Warnes - Topic: Using R to Explore Immunological Data This is part 1 of a 4 hour demonstration.
Biostatistics for Immnologists (KMRB 3-9624, from 2007-10-26 08:30 AM to 2007-10-26 09:30 AM)
RIPS - Hulin Wu - Integrating Quantitative and Computational Sciences for Immunology and Virology Research
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2007-11-14 02:00 PM to 2007-11-14 03:00 PM)
HaYoun Lee - Mathematical modeling of immunology and virology
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2007-11-28 02:00 PM to 2007-11-28 03:00 PM)
Hua Liang - Basic Statistics for Immunologists and Virologists
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-01-23 02:00 PM to 2008-01-23 03:00 PM)
Ollivier Hyrien - Stochastic Modeling in Immunology
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-02-27 02:00 PM to 2008-02-27 02:00 PM)
*****LECTURE POSTPONED**** Hua Liang - Model fitting and parameter estimation
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-02-20 02:00 PM to 2008-02-20 03:00 PM)
Jingming Ma - A Comprehensive Data Management System for Immunological Research
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-03-12 02:00 PM to 2008-03-12 03:00 PM)
Hongmei Yang - Basic statistical considerations and analysis in immunological/virological experiments
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-04-09 02:00 PM to 2008-04-09 03:00 PM)
Kaja Abbas, PhD - Automated Objective Gating for Multicolor Flow Cytometry Data
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2007-12-19 02:15 PM to 2007-12-19 04:00 PM)
-Postponed -Gregory Warnes - Topic: Using R to Explore Immunological Data This is part 2 of a 4 hour demonstration.
3rd Biodefense Immune Modeling Symposium, Duke Univ (Duke University, from 2008-06-25 07:30 PM to 2008-06-26 12:30 PM)
Dates are Wed/Thurs June 25 & 26
Biostatistics for Immnologists (MRBX - Conf. Rm. G-11213, from 2008-01-30 02:00 PM to 2008-01-30 03:00 PM)
Ollivier Hyrien - Stochastic Modeling in Immunology - Part II Lecture will continue starting with section III. of outline (below).
Biostatistics for Immunologists (MRBX G-11213, from 2008-04-23 02:00 PM to 2008-04-23 03:00 PM)
Hua Liang - Model fitting and parameter estimation
3rd Annual Summer School for Computational Immunology (Yale Sch Med, New Haven, CT, from 2008-08-11 12:00 AM to 2008-08-15 12:00 AM)
The joint Immune Modeling Centers summer school takes place at Yale School of Medicine. Travel & lodging scholarship application due Apr 15, 2008
Summer School (Mt. Sinai Immune Modeling Ctr)
Scholarship App
4th Immune Modeling for Biodefense Symposium (University of Pittsburgh, from 2009-06-24 08:00 AM to 2009-06-25 11:45 AM)
Dates are June 24th and morning of June 25th. Hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Immune Modeling Center. See link at bottom
SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems - Snowbird UT (Snowbird, Utah, from 2011-05-22 03:05 PM to 2011-05-26 03:05 PM)
The SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between mathematicians and applied scientists whose work involves dynamical systems. The goal of this group is to facilitate the development and application of new theory and methods of dynamical systems. The techniques in this area are making major contributions in many areas, including biology, nonlinear optics, fluids, chemistry, and mechanics.
Institute for Mathematics & Application - Simulating Our Complex World: Modeling, Computation and Analysis (Univ of Minnesota, from 2010-09-01 03:25 PM to 2011-06-30 03:25 PM)
Quick Links to Events 10/18-22/10 Workshop: Computing with Uncertainty: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Approximation and Large Scale Optimization of Complex Systems 11/1-5/10 Workshop: Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations: Novel Discretization Techniques 11/5-6/10 Special Event: Finite Element Circus Featuring a Scientific Celebration of Falk, Pasciak, and Wahlbin 11/29-12/3/10 Workshop: Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations: Fast Solution Techniques 1/10-14/11 Workshop: High Performance Computing and Emerging Architectures 3/7-11/11 Workshop: Computing in Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Virtual Surgery, and Sports 4/11-15/11 Workshop: Societally Relevant Computing 6/6-10/11 Workshop: Large-scale Inverse Problems and Quantification of Uncertainty
Keystone Symposium - Pathogenesis of Influenza: Virus-Host Interactions (Kowloon, Hong Kong , from 2011-05-23 04:40 PM to 2011-05-28 04:40 PM)
The mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of influenza remain controversial. The direct cytopathic effects of viral replication, tissue tropism of the virus, viral-bacterial synergy, as well as innate host responses are inextricably linked and play roles to varying degrees in “seasonal,” zoonotic and pandemic influenza, examples being the pandemics of 1918 and 2009 and H5N1 avian influenza. Animal models, though indispensible, have significant limitations with regard to physiological relevance to human disease. The current symposium brings together researchers working on the virus, viral receptors and tissue tropism, innate and adaptive immunity, systems biology and clinical aspects of lung injury and host defense, to address questions on the pathogenesis of influenza. The aim will be to integrate data from animal and ex vivo / in vitro human experimental models as well as human disease to understand pathogenesis of influenza and how this may lead to effective interventions. As this symposium will take place in the aftermath of the first pandemic in 40 years, there will be a wealth of new knowledge as well as intense scientific interest in the subject. In view of the particular interest in influenza and other viral respiratory diseases generated in the Asia-Pacific region arising from the avian flu H5N1 and SARS experience, situating the meeting in Hong Kong would be particularly appropriate. Modelers on invited speakers list. Abstract deadline Jan 21, 2011.
Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) Annual Symposium (Washington, DC, from 2011-06-23 08:45 AM to 2011-06-26 08:45 AM)
The annual FOCIS meeting highlights the best science in the field of clinical immunology. In addition, the FOCIS meeting is an incubator for developing scientists and practitioners alike to meet with one another and representatives of the relevant biotech and pharmaceutical industry whose combined support is invaluable to the success of the field of clinical immunology. Each day of the meeting includes poster presentations and oral abstract presentations to allow young scientists as well as senior investigators the chance to have their work presented and critiqued. By sharing discoveries with one another, delegates acquire new ideas for research and applied science from disciplines to which they would otherwise not be exposed at disease or organ specific meetings.
Keystone Symposium - Dendritic Cells and the Initiation of Adaptive Immunity (Sante Fe, New Mexico, from 2011-02-12 08:50 AM to 2011-02-17 08:50 AM)
Current studies of Dendritic Cells (DCs) have confirmed not only their major role as antigen presenting cells in adaptive immunity but also their important functions in maintaining tolerance and in the initiation of the innate resistance and inflammatory responses. Thus, DCs function as an important bridge between innate resistance and adaptive immunity either through cellular interactions or secretion of pro-inflammatory and immunoregulatory cytokines. The origin and migration pattern of DCs, their cell biological mechanisms of action, their functional diversity, their specializations and activities in specific tissue contexts, as well as their sharing of hematopoietic lineages, functions, and receptors with other phagocytic cell types such as monocytes and macrophages are subjects of intense investigation. Increasingly, the role of dendritic cells in disease pathology and as potential therapeutic targets is being explored both in the laboratory and in the clinic. This is particularly true in human cancer, where both active and passive immunotherapies involving dendritic cells are finally being put to the test in a systematic fashion. In this symposium, each of these aspects of dendritic cell biology and immunological function will be explored in detail, including taking a number of “in depth” looks at functions (such as innate activation mechanisms) that are key to understanding how dendritic cells perform their many remarkable tasks. In addition, this symposium will combine and synergize with a second, jointly organized symposium entitled "Cancer Control by Tumor Suppressors and Immune Effectors", thereby emphasizing emerging concepts concerning the role of the immune response in cancer and cancer therapy.
Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment (IT Center Computer Training Lab (G102) Rush Rhees Library , from 2010-06-07 10:00 AM to 2010-06-18 12:00 PM)
Introduction to using and extending the R Statistical Computing Environment By Gregory R. Warnes, Ph.D. Director, Center for Research Computing Assoc. Professor, Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Summer Schools in Computational Modeling (Yale University, from 2011-06-12 08:00 AM to 2011-06-17 05:05 PM)
Annual summer school in computational modeling of the NIH Modeling Immunity for Biodefense program. Hosted by the Mt. Sinai immune modeling center.
Symposium of the NIH Modeling Immunity for Biodefense (Yale University, from 2011-06-17 09:00 AM to 2011-06-17 06:00 PM)
Poster deadline May 1st and scholarship deadline
Summer School on Computational Immunology (URMC Rochester, NY, from 2012-06-10 08:30 AM to 2012-06-14 12:00 PM)
CBIM will host the 2012 NIAID-Modeling Immunity for Biodefense Summer School on Computational Immunology. Tentative dates are 6/10-6/14/2012. More information to follow.
Immune Modeling Symposium (URMC Rochester NY, from 2012-06-14 01:00 PM to 2012-06-15 05:00 PM)
CBIM will host the 2012 NIAID Modeling Immunity for Biodefense Program - Symposium on Immune Modeling. Tentative dates are 6/14-6/15 2012. More information to follow.

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